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Technological Singularity

...a reason for hope, January 1, 2017
After reading In the shadow of man one may conclude Goodall's A reason for hope was driven by guilt. Given Goodall's compelling observations detailed in "the shadow of man" coupled with frequently parallelling human savagery, there seems scant reason for hope.

As with our chimpanzee relatives humans tend to make extremely successful violent gansters kings. Add to that capitalism's mindless environment destroying Bernasian consumerism and a reason for hope becomes even more intractable.

But what happens when technology makes all human labor obsolete? Who buys all the useless Bernasian trinkets in a society of zero employment and technology so cheap that virtually everything is free? With no slaves to bully what's an alpha male to do? As companies rush to automate and layoffs, one possible real reason for hope emerges:

The technological singularity is made indomitable by "virtue" of the very greed that it will destroy.