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...a study in self actualization, December 30, 2016
It dawns on you as a gentle sunrise. What is encompassed cannot be described. As the rays of warmth and clarity join with your being, you contemplate the sublime.
Kenneth Tucker, January 3, 2017
After a time I came to realize that one can fall in love at a late age. This startled me. I did not think it possible. This poem was the result. However, the wonderful and sometimes painful occurences of love in ones life should not apply to oneself. After all wherever you go there you are... Charity begins at home. One must love oneself before going abroad. Also, love is a verb. This Blog will on occasion explore that verb as it pertains to my self actualization which began when the focus of this poem became one of personal well being.
Kenneth Tucker, January 4, 2017
Many consider Cake a treat. However, kale would be the treat of wellbeing. Food is fuel for the body. In the current obesity epidemic the taste of food is valued far above foods actual true merits. "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" is prudent consul and a act of the self loving verb.