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Solid State Battery

Solid-state batteries

Solid electrolytes open doors to solid-state batteries January 10, 2018
a Ionic conductivity of new superionic conductor, Li9.54Si1.74P1.44S11.7Cl0.3, developed in this project (together with those of the materials with Li10GeP2S12 (LGPS) analogue structure). New Li9.54Si1.74P1.44S11.7Cl0.3 exhibits 25 mS cm-1 at room temperature. This value is two times higher than that of original LGPS

b,c Crystal structure and lithium conduction pathway of Li9.54Si1.74P1.44S11.7Cl0.3. The 3D conduction pathway in the structure causes high ionic conduction characteristics of new supeionic conductor.

Tokyo Institute of Technology