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Instant pot

The Instant Pot, why wasn't I told?

... AKA IP April 20, 2017
Went for a walk and came back to lentils, hull-less barley, brown rice, coconut oil, coarse sea salt, and ground black pepper cooked to perfection in 35 min. Good job Instant Pot, good job. I have begun to add various green menageries and eggs to this mishmash with highly satisfying results...

The IP is the best seller on Amazon kitchen appliances and maintains 4.5 stars @ over 18k reviews. That's nothing to sneeze at. I immensely appreciate my trusty crockpot with it's ability to slowly cook savory meals without burning them, but 35 min lentils, hull-less barley, and/or brown rice certainly have a place.

It hardly seems necessary to weigh in on this fabulous appliance. However I would like to add meal diversity as another wonderful metric. So extensive was my trusty crockpot usage that the meal diversity afforded by the IP was serendipitous. Virtual time compression is possible with a crockpot by preparing say a weeks worth of a meal base such as lentils. With the IP I find myself preparing a single portion of broccoli greens, lentils, hull-less barley, and long grain brown rice in 35 minutes for lunch and hard boiled eggs and sweet potatoes for dinner. I could eat lintels and brown rice forever and never notice however the ability to diversify my super food only diet with real time compression is marvelous!